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WorkOne.com is a company set up to engage in workforce development. WorkOne supplies information, courseworks, seminars and other services to both work-seekers and employers to enable value creating connections in the jobs market.

WorkOne is a private enterprise working with both Government and Non-Government organizations.


WorkOne.com is an information resource and online community for work seekers actively pursuing development.

Please note that we want you to register and use the WorkOne.com forum to ask questions before you contact WorkOne.com directly.

WorkOne.com was founded in 1999 by Hans “Glint” Lysglimt.
It is a portal for career related information.
Hans Lysglimt registered the trademark workone in 1999.

Hans Lysglimt has been working with career coaching since 1999.
In 2005 Hans Lysglimt has pusblished the free career coaching workbook What Do You Want To Do With Your Life? that has been downloaded more than 30 000 times online.

After Hans Lysglimt started using the name WorkOne the State of Indiana instituted an organization that took the same name “WorkOne”.
Not only did the State of Indiana take the same name, but they also copied the way the text was written “WorkOne” and copied the blue and black logo. This was, and still is a blatant copy and ripp off by the State of Indiana.

There is currently an ongoing conflickt between Hans Lysglimt and the State of Indiana to the rights of the WorkOne trademark in the USA, this will take years to settle in the US legal system.

In the meantime I am also providing some public information about the State of Indiana WorkOne program since many of the visitors to this site a re looking for that.

WorkOne.com Copyright 1999-2011.
WorkOne is a international registered trademark, all rights reserved. Make a search for “workone” in WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) to find the trademark registration by Hans Lysglimt dated back to 1999/2000 (original application in Norway)/2010.

Search the United States Patens and Trademark Office for the duly registered trademark WORKONE for Hans Jørgen Lysglimt.


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